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Meeting with the Member of the Mongolian Parliament Mr. Lundaajantsan

On March 30, 2002 Mr. G. Ganzorig, the Chair and Executive Committee members of the Mongolian Community in Washington DC Area have met Mr. D. Lundaajantsan, the Chairman of the Security and Foreign Policy Standing Committee of the Mongolian Parliament. At the meeting was present Hon. J. Choinhor, the Ambassador of Mongolia to the United States and some other Mongolian citizens in Washington DC area

Mr. G. Ganzorig briefed shortly of Mongolian Community and raised an issue of constitutional voting right of citizen. He pointed out that Mongolian citizens who are living in abroad, including the United States, were deprived this important constitutional right. In the past we have met number of high ranked government officials including the Speaker of the Parliament and the Premier Minister of Mongolia and however we have not received yet any positive respond. Therefore, we have discussed this issue at our Executive members meeting and decided to present you a letter requesting the government to provide an opportunity for its citizen to exercise the voting right. We formally represent Mongols in this area. Talking of basis for this request he stressed that this is not only constitutional right; it is provided as well in International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Mongolia is a part. The Covenant is binding on Government of Mongolia since the State ratified this Covenant is to implement its provision. Yet the letter was addressed to Mr. D. Jundaajantsan the issue must be brought up to the attention of the President, Parliament and the Government, he said.

Hon. J. Choinhor expressed his support for this idea and said, "This could be done, Mongolian citizens in Russia always participate in election, and the government just must work actively to find out a solution of this problem. If people vote for election then they could hold elected officials accountable." People attended the meeting also spoke for support the request and discussed this and other problems that Mongolians are experiencing in America.

Mr. D. Lundaajantsan agreed that this was a serious problem. He said that he would introduce the issue to the Speaker of the Parliament and the Standing Committee on State meeting. He hopes that he shall bring up this issue during the consideration of new election law.

Below we have provided here the letter presented to Mr. D. Lundaajantsan.


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